people and brands we have helped

“Whole energy is different – different from a law firm. Cost structure. Easy to work with. Understanding a small business. Creative agency. Quick turnaround. On the ball.” Darryl Maroun – Seidor Networks

“A pleasure to work with”

Dan Brotman, partner at En-Novate

“Creative, approach to business, trust, energy, trendy, vibey”

From an anonymous survey

“What differentiates them – they are service driven. Not only experts. Personable. People’s people. Human Lawyers.”

From an anonymous survey

“Speed, care, solid values. Not just about them. Consider everyone. Have your back. Empathy – culture. But firm. Good counsel. Aligned to their culture, a trusted advisor.”

From an anonymous survey

“What sets them apart is their quality of work, responsibility and accountability towards clients, respect and going the extra mile. They are honest, hard-working, innovative, team players.”

Lauren Woolf, founder of Mrs Woolf

“Consilium has been a legal partner who has understood how we work and our appetite for risk.”

Mike Stopforth, CEO and founder of Cerebra